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On 06.03.2018 17:59, Iago Alonso Alonso wrote:
> Hi ede,
> thanks for your respone, after following that guide the plugin now loads! The 
> problem I see now if that although I specifies the position of the menu, it's 
> ignored beacuse I've followed the code and found this comment: // we silently 
> ignore the pos argument as positions are defined in xml or not at all
> So, the menu entry it's set now to the first position (before File, ..., etc 
> and I want it at the end) and on the XML I've tried something like:
> <workbench>
>     <plug-in>.........xxxPlugin</plug-in>
>     <position>10</position>
> </workbench>
> But not works. Which XML file refers the comment I have found?

check bin/default-plugins.xml for examples. actually the properties file is 
like default-plugins.xml but just loaded later. something like for the 

                <main-menu menupath="MenuNames.HELP" install="true" />

should do the trick. that won't work when packaged as an extension though. in 
that case yoiu have to give the path during installation in the extension class 

context.getFeatureInstaller().addMainMenuPlugin(executable, menuPath, 
menuItemName, checkBox, icon, enableCheck, pos);

you can check 
 javadoc for some explanations. or see eg. 
how it is used.


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