For all those who were wondering about code stability for Trio cards, I 
have my first experience to report. We just got our first shipment 
of MPC2 cards, and tested it out in an MX960 running 10.2R1 with MPC2 
cards only, no classic DPCs.

When I went to commit the config of the very first routed port with a 
firewall filter (IMHO a fairly simple config, about a dozen terms, but 
making use of chained filters), the FPC the port was on promptly 
crashed. Every time the FPC would reboot and come back up, it would 
immediately crash again. Moving the interface config with the filter to 
a different FPC caused that FPC to crash as well. Disabling the firewall 
filter caused the crashing to stop.

But, the box didn't fully recover on its own. Following the crash, some 
packets forwarded through that box were being blackholed. After doing a 
GRES/NSR switchover, the blackholing cleared briefly, but started again 
the exact instant the backup RE came back online. I tried disabling the 
GRES/NSR config, but the blackholing still didn't go away. A complete 
PFE restart was required to clear the blackholing.

Oh and BTW, the pending route BGP stall bug is worse than ever in 10.2. 
On a MX960 with RE-S-2000 and a BGP config consisting of nothing more 
than an IBGP mesh (28 sessions) and a SINGLE TRANSIT SESSION, it took 
just over 12 minutes before a single route from the transit session was 
successfully installed to hardware.

So far things aren't looking good.

Richard A Steenbergen <>
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