On Tue, Jun 29, 2010 at 08:37:20AM -0700, Derick Winkworth wrote:
> When you say 'transit session' what do you mean exactly?? Also 
> disappointed to hear about the bugs.?

Transit (n): An EBGP session where an external ASN sends you a full copy 
of the global routing table, usually in exchange for money. :)

> Is the stuck-in-pending issue easily reproducible?? I have read some 
> of your past? posts, but recently it sounds like this can be 
> reproduced without a lot of effort?

Trivially reproducable here, all that seems to be required is a decent 
number of BGP sessions that you have to send the update to. Just last 
night I noticed it took over 6 minutes to remove the routes and stop 
forwarding traffic to a ebgp session I shut down on a 9.6R4 router 
(which was mostly cpu idle before starting), and EX8200s running 10.1 
have taken 5-7 minutes to start installing or exchanging routes with 
nothing more than 2 IBGP RR feeds and a local transit session. Usually 
the problem is worst after a fresh reboot, where it can take 10-20 
minutes to actually install the routing table into hw, but on newer code 
it seems to be happening on an otherwise stable router with just a 
single BGP session flap.

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