Hi Saku !

I have these doubts because of the router be new to me, the RE has 16GB of
RAM, no sense I use a 32bit junos.

In the current router has 2GB Ram with 95% usage, then it is valid change
to 64bit to have 16GB of ram for the future = D.

I heard rumors that the newer versions of JUNOS, the time of route
convergence is faster ....

2016-09-16 11:47 GMT-03:00 Saku Ytti <s...@ytti.fi>:

> On 16 September 2016 at 04:38, Jader Vieira da Rosa <no...@contato.net>
> wrote:
> Hey,
> > hello guys, we have a new router MX240 with re-s-1800x4 and I have some
> > doubts,
> > the current version of Junos is 13.3r9 32bits
> >
> > is valid change to 64bit version?
> >
> > What version of Junos is best for bgp.
> What problem are you fixing? If you don't have a problem, I wouldn't
> reload 13.3R9 box just for the heck of it.
> If your RPD is reaching 4GB and you anticipate needing more, you need
> not only 64b JunOS, but you also need to ask the platform to run 64b
> version of the RPD.
> --
>   ++ytti

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