Since you create an Olive from an M/MX/T release, you know that Junos declares 
itself an "Olive" if it doesn't recognise a Juniper hardware it knows (well, 
except for vMX/vSRX/vRR/vWhatever, even if there was a bug in older releases 
where it nevertheless showed Olive).

Additionally, RE-S-X6-64G IS a virtualised environnement, where Junos runs 
inside a VM on a Linux host.

The fact is that 15.1R has no support for this config.

> On 13 feb. 2018 at 15:35, Aaron Gould <> wrote:
> I've never seen mention of olive outside of GNS3/Virtual Environment.
> Perhaps, this is a learning opportunity from me.  Please let me know if
> there are times when actually hardware routers show Junos as "olive"

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