Thanks, yes I check space of /var/ and I didn't have enough space, then I 
deleted one of the copies of the junos tgz file , from /var/home/remote and the 
issu upgrade process runs, but now I have a vmhost incompatible issue.  (oliver 
suggested something)

I like the idea of being able to do a software upgrade in-service, so I might 
go ahead and skip 16.1R3-S7 and go with MPC7E issu capable version 17.4R1   
This is a brand new 100 gig ring of (5) MX960's that are not in production 
yet... so now is the time for me to decide the starting junos version, etc.

Btw, as a side-note, I do not have the free space issue, if I do software 
upgrade without issu option.... space issue is only when I use 

Oliver, you mentioned "By the way, why one would want to updade to 16.1R3S* 
whereas 16.1R6S2 is available"  ...but I'm actually trying to upgrade to 
16.1R3-S7    ...however, now alex had informed me that my MPC7E modules aren't 
issu capable until 17.4R1, so I might go ahead with that version instead.

Oliver, I was trying to use a file from juniper titled "64 Bit-MX High-End 
Series" but are you telling me that I should be using one of the files titled " 
VMHost 64-Bit"  ?

Also, what is the difference in " VMHost 64-Bit" and "VMHost Net 64-Bit" ?

Install Package Checksum        Release Format  Size    File Date

64 Bit-MX High-End Series       MD5 SHA1 SHA2   17.4R1-S2       tgz     
2,700,607,604   22 Mar 2018

VMHost 64-Bit                   MD5 SHA1 SHA2   17.4R1-S2       tgz     
2,367,498,414   22 Mar 2018

VMHost Net 64-Bit               MD5 SHA1 SHA2   17.4R1-S2       tgz     
2,413,867,390   22 Mar 2018

Thanks everyone, y'all are awesome!


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