Not sure you really can ISSU update between such versions...

About the OS file, you want vmhost 64bits.
The Net version is to freshinstall using PXE Netboot.

And the "64 Bit-MX High-End Series" is the one you would use with a RE-1800 
(directly running JunOS over FreeBSD over its hardware), while you have a more 
recent one (like RE-MX-Xsomething), running JunOS over FreeBSD over KVM over 
Linux. In your case, this image can update only the JunOS+FreeBSD within the 
KVM, but it won't update the Linux/KVM stuff (named "vmhost").

> Le 6 avr. 2018 à 17:54, Aaron Gould <> a écrit :
> I like the idea of being able to do a software upgrade in-service, so I might 
> go ahead and skip 16.1R3-S7 and go with MPC7E issu capable version 17.4R1   
> This is a brand new 100 gig ring of (5) MX960's that are not in production 
> yet... so now is the time for me to decide the starting junos version, etc.
> Btw, as a side-note, I do not have the free space issue, if I do software 
> upgrade without issu option.... space issue is only when I use 
> Oliver, you mentioned "By the way, why one would want to updade to 16.1R3S* 
> whereas 16.1R6S2 is available"  ...but I'm actually trying to upgrade to 
> 16.1R3-S7    ...however, now alex had informed me that my MPC7E modules 
> aren't issu capable until 17.4R1, so I might go ahead with that version 
> instead.
> Oliver, I was trying to use a file from juniper titled "64 Bit-MX High-End 
> Series" but are you telling me that I should be using one of the files titled 
> " VMHost 64-Bit"  ?
> Also, what is the difference in " VMHost 64-Bit" and "VMHost Net 64-Bit" ?

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