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> New RE for MX104 was on the table early on in the MX104 history, but
> then JNPR changed tracks, citing XEON not being thermally possible on
> it.

I had heard (more or less from the horses mouth) that the MX104's were
initially developed for an Indian telco - they basically wanted MX80s
but with a higher temperature rating and dual REs, allowing them to be
used in mobile base station sites. These would be hard to reach so
they needed reliability (dual REs) and sometimes "external" (as in not
in an air-cooled DC but maybe a roof-top cabinet etc.). Upgraded REs
would have been great. I have seen some that run with low CPU
"normally" but when they are being polled by SNMP they spike to 100%.

> At least Nokia and Huawei seem to think there are other addressable
> markets still, markets which still want to use 1GE and 10GE, with
> various pluggable optics.

We're now working to introduce Huawei into the mix. I would agree with
you that low port coun't, good, and reasonably priced mixed 1G/10G
devices aren't plentiful in choice from vendors. We open a lot of
small PoPs so stuff like ME3600X/ASR920s, ASR9001, MX104 are great for
us but each with their own caveats.

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