While PPC is clearly slower than x86 stuff, the problem is that JunOS should 
have never been compiled for this architecture. I suppose/hope that the product 
manager who took such decision is now in a madhouse.

As Saku Ytti wrote in NANOG ML in 2014 (when comparing Cisco 6500/7600 and 
« if we compare MX80 and RSP720, where RSP720 has slightly lower performance 
CPU, RSP720 out-performs MX80 (and MX104) in BGP convergence and BGP scale. »

> On 11 apr. 2018 at 00:04, Chuck Anderson <c...@wpi.edu> wrote :
> MX104 and MX80 are PPC chips, not Intel.  That is a big reason why
> they are slow.  I have problems like VRRP flapping due to CPU
> starvation.  This is in a lab, so it doesn't matter too much, but I
> wouldn't want to put them into a production network.

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