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> Since the MX104 has user replacable RE's I really wish Juniper would at
> least offer a different option with a more beefy CPU/RAM but I don't think
> that would ever happen...

I think JNPR believes MX204 is the 'next gen MX104'. I bet if there
was MX204 with 2xQSFP28 + 24-48xSFP+, sold attractively priced with BW
license, so that SFP+ as 1GE and sub would make sense, those would
sell really well.
New RE for MX104 was on the table early on in the MX104 history, but
then JNPR changed tracks, citing XEON not being thermally possible on

I suspect more correct reason is that they don't see sufficient market
potential in device like MX104. I think Cisco and Juniper are very
confused about market, they appear to think entire market consists
solely of large scale DC providers. That only addressable market is
market which wants extremely dense 100GE boxes. 1GE is dead, 10GE is
almost dead.

At least Nokia and Huawei seem to think there are other addressable
markets still, markets which still want to use 1GE and 10GE, with
various pluggable optics.

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