this is really interesting.

We have a MX204 (Fusion AD, running Junos 18.4R1) + EX4300 (Fusion SD)
running and found out you cannot set the port speed on the RJ45 ports of
the EX4300 in that combination.
We discussed this 3 months because Juniper wanted to tell us that this is
by design because MX204 has no ports with variable speed and therefore
disabled the "speed" knob in Junos 17.4 for MX204.
They still did not provide a solution.

If you do not use Fusion and you do not want to change the port speed of
the QSFP ports (this requires a restart of the pic, not a full reload, so
the 10GBit stay online) the MX204 is great (really fast, commits nearly

If you really need RJ45 copper ports that are not switched and have that
one or 2 customers that only work with 100MBit fdx w/o autoneg, think
about buying MX204 + MPC1 + RJ45 MIC.

kind regards

> Yes, since 18.1 the MX204 can be configured to support 1G:
> https://www.juniper.net/documentation/en_US/junos/topics/reference/configuration-statement/speed-gigether-options.html

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