> > The 10/40/100 capabilities of the MPC7 look great, but there are few
> isolated
> > cases where I need to support legacy 1 gig, and the MX204 can now handle
> > that. Is this true?
> >
> Yup on the 10g for sure, but if you need 1G in volume you can pair it with a
> simple 1RU switch.

Yep, we pair 2 x MX204s with 2 x EX4300s for 1G optics and higher.

Just migrating from a pair of MX5's to this set up.

> The short answer is it's complicated.
> You got to compare the probabilities of different failure scenarios,
> probabilities of brown failures and see if it's worth spending a significant
> extra for a resilient RE, ideally you'd just use 204s in pairs if necessary.

As above. Recommended.

For pricing, a license to light up a 10GB port on an MX5 was the same
price as buying a MX204....
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