Has anybody considered extending the jupyter messaging protocol to allow 
kernels to optionally implement statement-by-statement execution?  This 
would allow users to create notebooks from raw scripts, akin to RStudio. 
 The behavior of the parser would be up to the kernel, but typically it 
would parse a code string into statements that could be executed 

I'd be interested in potentially adding this feature -- I've done so 
out-of-band for R and Python -- but am curious if there's a preferred path. 
 I could imagine either extending execute_request to take a "split" 
parameter, although that may get confusing since there would then be 
multiple execute_results.  The alternative would be to implement a new 
message type, execute_statements, then would parse the code string and 
issue multiple execute_requests.  This should be backward compatible since 
the output messages would be unchanged.

This could be combined with something like: jupyter notebook run 
analysis.py --output=results.ipynb

Is this worth pursuing as part of an enhancement proposal?


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