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Sorry for any misunderstanding.
It seems that I have followed this on the cc-list for months without realizing
it was about another issue.
I was pretty sure that this bug report was about the same issue I have been
experiencing for two years.
It also seems that I have not understood what the "other" bug was about (the
one that was fixed in 5.10.3) and that this "other" one (fortunately) never
showed up on my machine.

I admit that I fail to see how exactly Plasma and KWin share the graphics work,
but I assumed that KWin was the Plasma component in charge of all the display
and compositing operations, and the mentioned artifacts as well as triggering
mechanism (icon text as noise, black windows and repaint issues after suspend /
resume) seemed very similar to what I get, which look a lot like a low-level
display / compositing issue. So I never suspected that it could be a Plasma
issue, all the more since it also affects "plain regular" windows from any
application (not just KDE or Plasma).

Now I see the pointer to the upstream Qt bug, which itself assumes that there
is a bug in the NVIDIA drivers, so it may not be a KDE bug after all... That
sounds definitely possible.

I also want to (again) thank the contributors who worked on the issue even
though some of them had to do it "blindly" because they lacked NVIDIA hardware
to reproduce the problem.

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