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(In reply to S. Christian Collins from comment #184)
> A_Hooman_Bean, the bug we are experiencing is not in KWin, but affects the
> plasma desktop containment, therefore it is not the same bug.
> From what I understand, this is something that NVIDIA needs to really fix,
> but any temporary workaround will need to come from Qt, since it affects
> their code. 
> Here's the upstream bug report:

Aah. Ok thanks for clarifying that! 

So this report has managed to resolve a different bug in Kwin that was also
causing issues with icon text etc.

Well, thank you Kwin devs for resolving your issue. I apologise for the
confusion, but these two bugs have very similar symptoms.

Now, I just wish Nvidia or QT would resolve the remaining issue with icon text
corruption after suspend/resume. 

Of course Qt are saying it's an Nvidia problem, and it does seem to be so, but
Nvidia have apparently concluded it's hard to fix the underlying issue, so have
provided an extension which enables a workaround, but that's not good enough
for Qt are too lazy to use it.

Groan. I am just so sick of this.

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