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> Am using VLC ver 2.2.6 on 17.10
> Made a crude upgrade to bionic, and can confirm that I then get TV video
> with kaffeine 2.0.14 and VLC 3.0.0-1ubuntu1

Good to know. Yeah, vlc 2.2 only works fine with mpeg2 video. It has some sync
issues with h.264 and doesn't support h.265 and other codecs that are now used
on some channels (including the ones in UK, as far as I know).

> Is there a way of installing VLC 3.x on 17.10?

There are some ways. Videolan has two Ubuntu ppa repositories, one with stable
(unfortunately, up to yesterday, still with vlc 2.2) and one with the master
branch (with was now forked to vlc 4.0). I suspect that their stable ppa would
soon have vlc 3.0. There's also a way to install vlc via snap. I didn't test it
myself, as I'm not sure if it would work with Kaffeine, as you'll likely need
to build Kaffeine to use the snap vlc library.

Btw, yesterday, I rebuilt vlc myself on my test machine. What I did was:

1. Get VLC build dependencies, with something like:
     $ sudo su -c "add-apt-repository -s ppa:videolan/master-daily && apt
update && apt build-dep vlc && add-apt-repository -r ppa:videolan/master-daily"

2. build vlc from its git repository:

     $ git clone && cd vlc && ./bootstrap
&& ./configure --enable-chromecast=no && ./compile

3. install it with "make install && ldconfig", as root.

Please notice that, on Ubuntu, Chromecast support has to be disabled, as
otherwise build will fail (due to this bug:

Also, the above procedure will install it at /usr/local. If you want to install
on /usr, you need add "--prefix=/usr" to ./configure.

Ah, don't forget to remove the old vlc before doing that ;-)

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