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(In reply to Boudewijn Rempt from comment #6)
> I'm horribly afraid that that isn't even possible the way Qt handles events
> :-(

It's okay, this issue was basically Wacom being stingy and tries to screw over
its customers. It's unnatural for an application to workaround a deliberately
devised hardware limit. If it's impossible, let's just close this bug.

On the other hand...

Is it possible for Krita to directly handle xinput (the event system used by
gamepads)? I'm currently using a gamepad and assigned right-click to one of its
buttons alongside with other Krita shortcuts. It works pretty well although I
had to use a event translator like antimicro to achieve this. 

As far as I know, there are many other artist who use a NES style
wireless/bluetooth gamepad to do the same thing in place of Wacom's overpriced,
overcomplicated Expresskey Remote Controller. This is really a productivity
booster, especially for those who lives in a tight space. 

If it is easily feasible for Krita to handle xinput, and you are not against
the idea, I would love to submit a wishlist report! ;)

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