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I have changed the platform in the bug header from Win CE to MS Windows to
avoid further confusion.
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When upgrading from 4.8 to 5.0 there was a known problem which required you to
remap any online account using libofx, but that only needs to be done once.

What exactly do you mean by "the same problem"?  Did 4.8 also fail fetching the
bank list?  It only does that when mapping an account.  Did it forget the

When you say other accounts are already mapped, but get the same error, that
doesn't make sense, since the fetching the list of banks only happens when you
are mapping an account.  

When you say you set up a new database, do you mean you are using the SQL
storage and created a whole new KMM database?

When you say you can import from Quicken, please confirm you mean you are
importing a local file.  Also, have you tried downloading an OFX file from the
bank and importing that local file?  If that works, we can focus on the mapping
problem, and whether there is still a problem with kio (KDE library) on

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