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Hi Vincent,

Thanks for responding quickly to my missive.  Also, thank you for agreeing to
"set up an oldstable repo." I hope that means one I can download from the
Synaptic Package Manager used by GalliumOS (which is an Xubuntu flavor)

>> I haven't read your other posts (where?), did you explicit the usability 
>> problems?

No I did not explicitly describe the usability problems. I merely reported the
"Previously I tried installed Kdenlive from a Terminal but although it
installed, it would crash immediately upon launching. In other words, it was
completely unusable for me."

I was so tired of Kdenlive crashing on me that a couple/few months ago I spent
several hours trying to install various versions of Kdenlive from various
sources via a Terminal. They all were utterly unusable, therefore I ended up
uninstalling them and downloading Kdenlive 16.04.3 from the Synaptic Package
Manager used by GalliumOS (which is an Xubuntu flavor).

I subsequently figured out how to, for the most part, which actions to avoid so
that  Kdenlive 16.04.3 would not crash on me. Prior to that, for perhaps a
month or so Kdenlive 16.04.3 used to crash on me every 5 to 15 minutes when I
was using it. Of course that was both annoying and time-consuming. 

This bug report includes a video (screencast) I made showing the bug that kept
causing my computer to crash:

I have used numerous non-linear video editing applications over the years.
Frankly, it did not occur to me that overlapping videos in the timeline was
causing Kdenlive to crash. It was like imagining that choosing to, say, bold
text in a word-processor would cause it to crash.

Overlapping videos in the timeline is such a basic operation that I was
implicitly assuming that Kdenlive would operate properly when I overlapped
videos in the timeline. I was dumbstruck when I realized that overlapping
videos was causing Kdenlive to crash. Then when you guys failed to allow for
downgrading Kdenlive I assumed I was dealing with teenagers who were just
cutting their teeth in the world of application development.

Kdenlive is a typical FOSS project: it has (or at least had) many glaring bugs,
a mediocre user interface, and pell-mell documentation. Volunteer developers
unsurprisingly focus on what they enjoy, developing. Therefore, despite their
vociferous assertions to the contrary, usability is almost invariably shunted
aside in favor of features.

In practice, most developers fail to distinguish between features and benefits
despite their ability to stridently trot out their theoretical knowledge of the
two terms when confronted with their glaring failure to properly actually
distinguish between the two. Ordinary users aren't interested in features per
se, rather they normally want benefits.

Whereas artists typically worship the gods of grace and beauty, engineers
typically worship the gods of truth and power. Typically to both artists and
engineers: clients, customers, users, etcetera are merely nuisances to be
tolerated while they serve their false gods.

In many organizations, the role of of some managers is to persuade artists and
engineers to serve clients, customers, users, etcetera. The resulting friction
between the two sides typically leads to acrimony. Do you feel any acrimony
towards me? Yes. I have managed both artists and engineers. I am accustomed to
being disliked by them. The artists and engineers wanted to focus on their
craft whereas, like most managers, I needed a product that would serve
customers. It is a necessary tension. Ultimately the party that is supposed to
win is neither the artist nor the engineer nor the manager but instead the

The following comes from:

Also, I suppose that Kdenlive would attract many new users if it had a "novice
mode" which contained far fewer options. (You might think of this as merely
graying out many of the current options although I would suggest they would be
actually be removed). Getting up to speed on Kdenlive was a hassle for me. It
could have been *much* easier.


Design for the Novice, Configure for the Pro


The Paradox of Choice

If you want me to elucidate any or all of the above ideas please let me know.



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