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@Wegwerf  Thanks for reaching out to me.

I just took at look at  Why not use
something like instead of the current  mailing list software to
discuss UI issues? Trello is free SaaS, smooth as silk to use, and very easy to
follow visually. Last I checked it could be automatically backed using IFTTT
and Google Sheets.

For now, I am not interested in discussing UI ideas for a FOSS project using
archaic  mailing list software to discuss UI ideas. The irony is pathetic. 
It's as if you guys are proclaiming, "We care so much about UI that we use
archaic software with a bad UI to discuss UI." I can imagine a hand painted
sign hanging on the Kdenlive virtual clubhouse door saying, "Nerds only!
Normals be gone!!!" 

Wait. Hold on. That's 1996 on the other line. It seems it wants its cutting
edge mailing list software back. Sheesh, unsurprisingly Kdenlive has a busy,
confusing and laughably bad UI which lacks many technically trivial yet
valuable features concomitant with a bad UI.

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