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Hi Vincent,

Thanks for the link to 

Phabricator looks like a much more elegant solution than what @Wegwerf
suggested in Comment 3 in this thread. 1996 just called and expressed its
jealousy! Perhaps Wegwerf was unfamiliar with Who
knows? Maybe he's busy Googling pagan aphorisms. 

Regarding @Wegwerf Comment 5 in this thread: I am a Jew. To us Confucianism,
despite apparently containing much wisdom, isn't a sublime Eastern
religion/philosophy we revere. It is "avoda zara" (idolatry) which we abhor
because some of its core tenets such pantheism and nontheism are absolutely
forbidden by halacha (Jewish law). From what I understand, Catholic and Muslims
sages typically categorize Confucianism as an idolatrous religion. I have yet
to engage any "red haired barbarian" (thank the early Dutch traders for the way
folks in The Middle Kingdom refer to misnamed "Caucasians")  who trotted out
wisdom from Eastern religions/philosophies (such as Confucianism, Hinduism,
Buddhism, Shintoism etc) who was not a sanctimonious philosophical dilettante
hiding behind a thin veneer of genuine intellectual curiosity.

I lived in Japan for 1 and 1/2 years with Japanese families studying spoken and
written Japanese. I have experienced the vacuous yet supposedly inscrutable
pagan Far Eastern mindset first hand. It is pure evil. And I opine that despite
having been treated extremely well by virtually all Japanese with whom I

The National Socialists in Germany during World War II were almost cute and
cuddly compared to the Japanese of the time generally, not merely their leaders
and soldiers. If you are incredulous, I encourage you to peruse the Wikipedia
article about the Chichijima incident which is lesser known than, but just as
despicable and revolting as the infamous Rape of Nanking.

Jews aren't Christians. The notion of "turning the other cheek" is not part of
our "masorah" (tradition). When we are confronted by evil, even when it appears
to be merely cleverly and innocently sardonic, we often defend ourselves.
Despite that, like most Jews, I'd rather entrust the Christians and Muslims to
rid the world of idolatry. They have made remarkable strides in bringing
mankind out of the muck and mire of idolatry and towards monotheism and
continue to do so.

Be that as it may, how do I sign up so that I can post comments on

The UI/Workflow redesign section is where I suppose I would post most of my
ideas for improving Kdenlive's user interface.

Here's a link to a wireframe I created at

Below I posted the text contained in the comment I included at:

I often choose to edit clips that I have added to Kdenlive in another
application such as Audacity (the extremely popular audio software). In such
cases I want to have an option to seamlessly navigate to the file in question
in my file manager. (I use Thunar on GalliumOS). I suppose this a common need,
although perhaps a latent one. From a technical perspective I assume this is
trivial. However, perhaps I am mistaken.

Most ordinary users are unfamiliar with the term "file manager." Therefore, I
suppose that something like, "View this file in the file manager" would likely
confuse them. I chose "Go to this file outside of Kdenlive" but don't like it
much. It was merely a phrase that leapt to my mind.

Also, please consider that employing language that is closer to standard
written American English—the most important vehicular language at present—tends
to be more readily understood by all users familiar with standard written
American English and tends to put those non-technical users standard written
American English at ease. Towards this end, in the phrase, "Go to this file
outside of Kdenlive" I used the demonstrative pronoun “this.” To use
engineering lexicon, it is a non-trivial detail despite engineers’ tendency to
self-centeredly believe to the contrary. 

I am toying with the idea that users will be able to perform the following

* Highlight items in the timeline’s context menu with a custom color. (Please
notice how I highlighted "Go to this file outside of Kdenlive" with blue).
* Add items to what will become their custom configuration of the timeline’s
context menu.
* Remove items from their custom configuration of the timeline’s context menu.
* Toggle between the default configuration of the timeline’s context menu and
their custom configuration of the timeline’s context menu. (I am assuming users
will only have one custom configuration).



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