--- Comment #3 from J.O. Aho <> ---
With  "session has crashed" I mean I'm back at the desktop manager and required
to login again.

When only plasmashell has crashed, I can still use yakuake and from there
restart plasmashell, which usually will last a shorter time than the previous
plasmashell and may lead to that the whole session dies (back out at the
desktop manager) in the end.

When the plasmashell has crashed, I do have the bug reporter started, and it
just says there ain't enough information when I select to send in the report
(so really not sure if it does send or not). I do always klick in the option
that I know what I was doing, but I never get an option to fill in what I was
doing (which should be idling).

I can't start a plasmashell session and run it in the environment I use, I know
it does crash there too.

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