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> Could you retry with 5.8.1? This is a crash in Qt, but reading through the
> trace I think code changes in 5.8.1 could be relevant.

I'm already in 5.8.1, as I said this crash has beginned to happen inmediately
after upgrading from 5.8.0 to 5.8.1; in 5.8.0 everything was ok.
I'm on QT 5.7, Frameworks 5.27, and have 2 activities both active, but I have
tried a fresh new account with no activities, completely by default settings,
and it happens the same.

Above you have 2 backtraces from me, the first one was taken after the first
crash when trying to add the plasmoid in question and launching plasmashell
from a terminal window running GDB; the second one was taken after a crash but
I first deleted plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc and then, again from a
GDB session in Konsole, lanched plasmashell.

It's the first time that I use GDB, so I'm aware I'm probably providing not
very useful backtraces. Please don't hesitate "instructing" me to be able to
supply more useful backtraces if you consider it convinient.

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