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> + d->process << "-tao"/* << "-sao"*/;

This hardcodes -tao. Why ?

I think with cdrecord, K3B has a preference for -sao.
K3B compensates the additional information needs of -sao on CD by giving the
track size with option tsize=. I am not sure whether it knows that -sao is
not usable together with -multi on DVD-R and unformatted DVD-RW.

My advise is to neither give -sao nor -tao explicitely but to let libburn
choose the write type according to other parameters and the medium state.

> + emit infoMessage(i18n("Writer does not support raw writing."), 
> MessageWarning);
> + if (d->cdrskinBinObject->hasFeature("tao"))
> + d->process << "-tao";

Adding option -tao will not make the resulting data on medium better.
The input data for -raw* contain metadata. If you burn them as -data track,
then the reader will see it as garbage intermixed with the desired payload

If the program gets to the case
   else if( d->writingMode == K3b::WritingModeRaw ) {
then you have no other choice but to refuse burning.
Actually it should be prevented in the user dialog that this write mode
gets selected at all.

Have a nice day :)


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