--- Comment #53 from Thomas Schmitt <> ---

the reproducible success on the command line and the reproducible
failure underneath K3B is quite riddling.

Please test whether it still succeeds without option -V

  dd if=/dev/zero bs=2048 count=375808 | /usr/sbin/cdrskin -v dev=/dev/sr1
speed=18 -tao -data -tsize=375808s - >/tmp/cdrskin.log 2>&1

and please verify that cdrskin still fails underneath K3B.

I am still very interested in seeing the full cdrecord log file.
Please send it to or put it somewhere for download.
The question is whether there are "host_status:" values which are not "00".

Also, i am still interested in an answer to the question whether the
pseudo-media burned by cdrecord and growisofs underneath K3B are
really flawless copies of the input data. (Plus some trailing padding.)

I will make a proposal how to build a cdrskin which ignores
SG_ERR_DID_NO_CONNECT when reported by the kernel, so that you can try
whether this works better underneath K3B.

Have a nice day :)


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