On Wednesday 09 August 2017 00:19:32 Thomas Pfeiffer wrote:

> - FOSS clients or at least API available for desktop as well as mobile
> These clients must
>  - have a UI that someone who is < 20 years old and cares about the looks of
> a UI would use (or if those don't exist, we need to have people willing and
> able to write them before switching)

..and that someone that is >20 would use as well, as many times to have pretty 
ui is just chosen the easy route of cutting away useful features

> Nice-to-haves:
> - Bridge to IRC
> For the transitional period or for people who just refuse to change their
> habits

this is absolutely a must, our current community on all our irc channels is 
our biggest asset, and i see in this thread is treated more or less like a 
nuisance (like Eike said, there would have not been 20 years of KDE without 
it) i would even say a complete bridge to freenode already there is a must.

Marco Martin

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