Post Scriptum, as I discussed this and learned that what I hinted at in the -
cafe channel yesterday is public information:

We (freenode) are looking into support (not moving to, mind) for rocket. 
Some details can be found here:

(sorry for facebook link, quote for those who rather not:
"We (freenode) have had quite a few conversations with projects that struggle 
with Slack -- they use it but are finding it difficult, partly because it is 
proprietary and doesn't align too well with their values and partly because it 
is resulting in a great deal of community fragmentation. We're currently 
looking at implementing support to allow projects such as those to 
map their own instances to their channel namespace on freenode in 
a bid to reduce the community fragmentation they experience. Totally hoping 
that it will solve those issues for them!")

which might be a solution that pleases both people who want to use Rocket and 
people who want to not abandon other more or less well used protocols. 

Bonus points: due to the Matrix and Telegram bridge we already have, if we 
manage to properly integrate Rocket, one can probably use either of the four 
and be happy. Obviously with some loss of features, as e.g. protocol a might 
not support something of protocol b. How well this will be implemented depends 
on the bridge, e.g. files or stickers could be integrated via links iff someone 
codes that. 

Unfortunately IRC would still not get support for animated stickers and custom 
pile of poop emojis, sorry to crush hopes there. 

Sorry for not mentioning this earlier, I wasn't sure at this very early stage 
whether it is public or not.



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