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>Martin Klapetek - 09.08.17, 16:12:
>> > But KDE is not a tech startup. As people correctly wrote, KDE has a
>> > long
>> > history and contributors of all age. I'd rather be that than one of
>> > many
>> > tech startups with a bunch of little to no experience but fancy new
>> > systems, to be honest.  Do we really want and need to cater these
>> > tweens so much?
>> Yes. Old contributors will slowly fade away for various
>> reasons, be it life, be it lack of energy, be it other commitments.
>> Who's going to pick all those projects up after them? I'd like
>> to think that young enthusiasts with lots of energy and potential,
>> exactly what those heroes starting the original KDE were.
>> And I think we should strive to attract younger talent that can
>> be in it for the long run.
>Well, I wonder since reading several posts here about one thing:
>To from reading this post and other posts I got the impression that is 
>absolutely needs to be black or white:
>*Either* IRC and nothing else *or* something new and nothing else.
>I mean: Seriously?
>There has been almost completely unnoticed posts mentioning bridges. Is
>of this bridges capable to work well enough for KDE community use

I see it differently; I see people wanting something that also works with IRC 
(so bridges, starting with the ones that already works) and people that don't 
want IRC even if it's working in the background without then having to care 
about it.

>Why do you see the need to exclude either one of the groups?

Exactly my point.


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