> What I’ve argued strongly against is the standpoint that we should stick
> with the status quo.

The status quo _is_ things with the advantages of Telegram or Matrix 
available, since these two are already bridged. 

Hence my earlier 

> Last but not least: if IRC really is so much of an issue, which I doubt: 
there are solutions readily available (Tg and Matrix bridge) or available in 
the future (Rocket bridge) which do resolve the problem whilst still 
maintaining compatibility for people who prefer what worked for 20 years and 
still works.  So the reasons to continue with a replacement I can see are 
either "We want to get rid of the other one completely and enforce this one" 
or "we want it NOW", both of which I heavily have to disagree with  [...]

If you want Rocket, for whatever reason, see my other post which was so far 
mostly ignored. 

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