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> Martin Klapetek - 09.08.17, 16:12:
> > > But KDE is not a tech startup. As people correctly wrote, KDE has a
> very
> > > long
> > > history and contributors of all age. I'd rather be that than one of the
> > > many
> > > tech startups with a bunch of little to no experience but fancy new
> chat
> > > systems, to be honest.  Do we really want and need to cater these
> mystical
> > > tweens so much?
> >
> > Yes. Old contributors will slowly fade away for various
> > reasons, be it life, be it lack of energy, be it other commitments.
> > Who's going to pick all those projects up after them? I'd like
> > to think that young enthusiasts with lots of energy and potential,
> > exactly what those heroes starting the original KDE were.
> > And I think we should strive to attract younger talent that can
> > be in it for the long run.
> Well, I wonder since reading several posts here about one thing:
> To from reading this post and other posts I got the impression that is
> absolutely needs to be black or white:
> *Either* IRC and nothing else *or* something new and nothing else.
> Seriously?
> I mean: Seriously?
> There has been almost completely unnoticed posts mentioning bridges. Is
> none
> of this bridges capable to work well enough for KDE community use cases?
> Why do you see the need to exclude either one of the groups?

As you're quoting my email - where are you reading this?
That's not what I wrote at. all. I merely stated that we should
cater to younger engineers. Not once I suggested and will not
suggest to disregard the old timers. That was twisted in replies
following my email.

Martin Klapetek

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