---- On Tue, 10 Apr 2018 10:29:54 -0700 Albert Astals Cid<aa...@kde.org> wrote 
 > Of course it makes sense for wishlists to be confirmed.  
 > OPEN -> Nobody's looked at it yet 
 > CONFIRMED -> Somebody looked at it and is a wish that makes sense. 

A "confirmed" status only makes sense as a contrast to "unconfirmed". For bugs, 
we want that status because bugs that have been triaged and cannot be 
reproduced yet may be reproducible by someone else at some point in the future.

But for wishes it's different: if a "confirmed" status for a wishlist bug means 
"Somebody looked at it and it is a wish that makes sense", then the 
corresponding opposite "unconfirmed" status would be "Somebody looked at it and 
it is NOT a wish that makes sense." In this case, the correct course of action 
is to close it as RESOLVED WONTFIX or INVALID; there is no need to keep open a 
wishlist bug that the developers have no intention of implementing.


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