On 07/03/19 07:31, Jean-Baptiste Mardelle wrote:
Having used gitlab issues quiet a lot in the last months for Kdenlive, I
think it would be sad to completely disable them. Making them accessible
to project members/developers only seems like a good compromise.

I like to use them as a development coordination tool, and for us it's a
good replacement for phabricator's boards. I also find them more
intuitive to use than phabricator, referencing an issue in a commit is
as simple as putting #issue_number, while I never manage to reference or
close phabricator tasks/diffs from commit messages despite checking the
online doc (but that's probably my fault so not a real argument)...

Do our hook recognize a keyword to automatically close github issues?
It would be nice if developers used a standard notation that is
parsable by our scripts for automated change logs.

Christoph Feck
KDE Bug Triaging Team

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