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I have no idea what you mean with PR<-->Issues integration problem.

The things other people mentioned (close issues when PRs are merged,
links with context on hover, etc) Plus, "in the future", maybe
improvements like being able to turn an issue in a pull request when a
patch is merged. Plus, as mentionned, an unified pipeline from
creating an issue to releasing a solution with proper metadata
tracking and APIs along the way.

We have had this sort of integration in LibreOffice (TDF) Bugzilla since the early 2010s as far as I know. BZ report numbers get linkified on our gerrit patch review and our various git web interfaces. Reports get automatic comments and whiteboard items upon commits. Changing the state to RESOLVED does not happen automatically, but that is because of very good reasons: some issues might take multiple commits/patches. Some easy hacks might stay alive for dozens of commits.

Bugzilla has had powerful APIs since forever and they are clearly wanting to keep improving them. Quoting from the BZ 7 UX roadmap:


Bugzilla GraphQL API v1
GitHub integration
Webhook support: Automatically attach pull request links and close bugs without a 3rd party bot

Regarding logins, if you visit https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/ you will notice it supports logging in with a GitHub account.

Single sign-on should be doable in any case, even if BZ would not offer support for a specific service out of the box.

The topic of managing low-quality or duplicate reports came up again. I think I mentioned this earlier in some other thread, but it bears repeating Mozilla is actively developing a tool to help with this and other bug management tasks: https://github.com/mozilla/bugbug

See "duplicate - The aim of this classifier is to detect duplicate bugs" etc.


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