Good evening all,

Currently we're in the situation where the software we use to run is both difficult to maintain, as well as support (for
things like document confidentiality for various groups within KDE).

We'd therefore like to retire the service, replacing it with the
Realtime Text Editor within Nextcloud ( Internally this
editor uses Markdown.

You can find a demo of this at
(no login required)

It would be appreciated if everyone could please test the realtime
text editor and let us know if they encounter any issues.

In terms of feature differences, we are aware that
highlighting/authorship information won't be retained by the new
editor, and there can occasionally be problems when editing the same
line with someone else simultaneously.

If everyone is okay with this we'd like to go ahead with shutting down as soon as possible.

Ben Cooksley
KDE Sysadmin

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