Hi Ben,

On lunedì 16 settembre 2019 08:03:31 CEST Ben Cooksley wrote:
> The content of notes.kde.org will be exported - likely in ODT format -
> prior to us shutting it down.
> The resulting files will be made available on share.kde.org.
> If there are things which need to be resolved prior to the shutdown of
> notes.kde.org we can look into those.
> While it is unfortunate that the links will be broken, we should be
> able to make them relatively close (ie. send the user to a public view
> of the folder on share.kde.org which contains all of the content
> exported from notes.kde.org) so the user isn't too far from the
> original link.

will we expose any content to the public indexing? I know of a few documents 
which relied on the protection of being unlisted from Google to draft emails 
or other group notes which are not entirely for the public to search through.


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