I am against this. I find disrespectful to tell a fellow organization what
they should do. I would feel the same way if anybody does it to us.

There are things that should be dealt in private. This is one of them.

The most important thing is that they make the right choice, not the most
popular choice. Nobody like their Membership to know what is the right

We should support them, not tell them what to do.

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On Thu, 19 Sep 2019, 04:59 Valorie Zimmerman, <valorie.zimmer...@gmail.com>

> As many of you know, Richard Stallman has stepped down from the FSF.
> However, his supporters on the FSF Board remain. The FSF is on our Advisory
> Board, according to https://ev.kde.org/advisoryboard.php
> Accordingly, I would like us (the KDE Community) to advise them to
> diversify their Board, as RedHat has done here:
> https://www.redhat.com/en/blog/open-letter-free-software-foundation-board-directors.
> If we cannot do this as a community, I would like to ask the Board to do
> this on our behalf.
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> Valorie
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