I disagree with a lot of the ideological/sociological statements in
your comment, but will focus on the core point:

What we're suggesting is chosing someone that is objectively BETTER for
the FSF. The post isn't only technical in nature, but instead one of
community leadership, communication and philosophical guidance. 

With that in mind looking for the leader to better represent the FSF,
grow the Free Software movement, and improve its standing - makes the
choice for diversification a clear and simple one
(and that is ignoring the other arguments for those of us who do not
share your specific ideological/sociological beliefs)


tor 2019-09-19 klockan 09:54 +0200 skrev Sven Brauch:
> Hi,
> On Thursday, 19 September 2019 04:59:09 CEST Valorie Zimmerman wrote:
> > Accordingly, I would like us (the KDE Community) to advise them to
> > diversify their Board, as RedHat has done here:
> I am against diversifying for diversifying's sake. It's something
> that is 
> already way too prevalent in today's society. 

> Let's please pick the best 
> person for the job, regardless of race, gender, or whatever, and
> let's 
> especially *not* write letters to others recommending them to do
> otherwise.
> Picking people with the argument of diversity achieves the exact
> opposite of 
> what you want: it leads to people which are *worse* at their job than
> the 
> competitors being selected for it. Thus doing this systematically
> gives an 
> actual, real reason for prejudice against "people with $property in 
> $position".
> Greetings,
> Sven

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