marcingu added a comment.

  Ok, so, what I want to do now is to create static method `findByPath` which 
is going to return Solid::StorageVolume instance (is there a case in which we 
can expect something different than StorageVolume?).
  Should it be `StorageVolume Device::findByPath(QString)` or rather 
`StorageVolume StorageVolume::findByPath(QString)`?
  For implementation itself I want to create structure with mountpoints and 
StorageVolumes which will be updated if new Device is added/removed and we 
learn this via Solid notifications.
  I am thinking it should either be part of `DeviceManagerStorage` or separate 
class similar to DeviceManagerStorage. Not sure which.
  I don't know how to get a mountpoint for StorageVolume.
  What do you think about it?

  R320 KIO Extras


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