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  In D28745#674863 <>, @meven wrote:
  > In D28745#674827 <>, @bruns wrote:
  > > In D28745#674711 <>, @meven 
  > >
  > > >
  > >
  > >
  > >
  > >
  > > > Solid does not provide straight `folder => StorageVolume` yet, but I 
think Solid could have such a utility feature added.
  > > >  Something like `Solid::Device::findByPath()`, it would need to 
canonically and recursively resolves the path parent to pay attention to 
  > > >  This would also help D26407 <>
  > >
  > > No recursion needed, `stat` provides the device.
  > Only when the file is not a symlink, if so we need to check the symlink 
target recursively, that's what I meant.
  Haven't checked the code here en detail, but the whole thumbnailing code has 
to work on the resolved symlinks anyway - for the data, for the thumbnail 
filename [1], and for the save policy.
  > 1. You need the **absolute canonical URI** for the original file, as stated 
in URI RFC 2396. In particular this defines to use three '/' for local 'file:' 
resources (see example below).
  > 2. Calculate the MD5 hash for this URI. Not for the file it points to! This 
results in a 128bit hash, which is representable by a hexadecimal number in a 
32 character long string.
  >> And can you please use arc to upload the patch - it is nearly impossible 
to do a review with the missing context
  > Or pushing it to
  That would even be better, yes.

  R320 KIO Extras


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