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> marcingu wrote in thumbnail.cpp:776
> If st_dev cannot be 0 on successful call of lstat, I don't think there's need 
> to change anything. m_thumbnailDirDeviceId will remain zero only if lstat 
> returns error and as long it's zero sharesFilesystemWithThumbRoot will return 
> false.

I agree with your second sentence. I never said otherwise. It will work, *if* 
indeed we are both right that st_dev would never be 0 when stat() succeeds.
My suggestion is that we make sure our assumption is correct -- at least, that 
we are told if it ever happens to be incorrect, by adding 
assert(baseStat.st_dev != 0) after the first lstat succeeds, and 
assert(fileStat.st_dev != 0) after the second lstat succeeds.

> marcingu wrote in thumbnail.h:93
> On Windows this check is assumed false. So in case encrypted file shares 
> filesystem with thumbnails directory, it can take longer as those won't be 
> cached, but it will work.

Which check? This is a member variable, and I'm not sure the dev_t type will be 
known at all on Windows.
But if you're not sure either, let's wait until CI tells us.

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