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> marcingu wrote in thumbnail.cpp:776
> "-1 isn't exactly a great value for an unsigned int :-)"
> I believe "-1" guaranties unsigned to be set to its maximum value, due to how 
> type conversion works, but I could be wrong.
> Do you know if size of dev_st is fixed or depends on architecture? I'd like 
> to define const rather than use literals for checks, but I don't know if I 
> can simply define it as 0xFFFFFFFF or if it's more complicated.


is guaranteed to be added to the modulo value until it becomes positive. That 
is, it is

  (UINT_MAX + 1) - 1

Note that this will generate a warning with some compilers about change of 
sign, so either make the cast explicit or simply use ~0U.

As for what type it is... that's why we have std::numeric_limits.

  R320 KIO Extras


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