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> jobtest.cpp:471
> +
> +void JobTest::setXattr(const QString &src)
> +{

should be `dest`.

> jobtest.cpp:489
> +            qDebug() << resultdest;
> +            m_SkipXattr = true;
> +        }

Should have a `break` or `return` here.

> arrowd wrote in jobtest.cpp:780
> To be honest, I was confused by your first comment. What was wrong with the 
> first version of this code?
> My understanding was that we want to skip xattr stuff if either source or 
> destination doesn't support it

`setXattr`, called from `checkXattrFsSupport`, unconditionally sets 
You want something like

  bool canRead =  checkXattrFsSupport(homeDir);
  bool canWrite =  checkXattrFsSupport(otherHomeDir);
  if (canRead && canWrite) {

and get rid of the `m_SkipXAttr` variable.


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