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  I rebased to master and updated the review. I hope I didn't messed up 
  In D8056#205621 <>, @ngraham wrote:
  > I was under the impression that the text box gave priority to the app 
filtering unless you checked the semi-hidden option to enable command-line 
completion instead.
  That is true, but in the moment you type a text, which is also a valid 
command, let's say `kate` you have two things:
  - The Kate entry is selected (and so its associated service `kate -b %U` or 
  - The text box contains a valid binary command `kate` that can be executed
  When you click OK the function `checkAccepted` is called. To me it seems that 
it actually uses the service associated to the selected "Kate" entry (`kate -b 
%U`) and does not execute the command `kate`. 
  (That function is quite complicated and I haven't really analyzed it 

  R241 KIO


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