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  In D8056#206326 <>, @simgunz wrote:
  > I was thinking to discuss the possibility to make a new KDE UI component 
for collapsible headers so that it can be used in multiple places. Maybe I can 
open a task for discussing this and collect opinions and possible use cases to 
see if it makes sense.
  That sounds great. This is a pretty common and user-friendly UI paradigm, so 
it would make perfect sense to make it more widely available.
  In D8056#206326 <>, @simgunz wrote:
  > My next big goal is try to improve the usability of Okular, especially 
improving the annotations. (I think there are at least 10 bug reports opened by 
me on this). I'll get you involved soon.
  You're my hero! This is a big tentpole of the Usability & Productivity 
initiative. Take a look at some of the Okular bugs mentioned on
  A major problem is that Okular (or poppler) often saves annotations in ways 
that don't make them renderable in other viewers, or when printing. See the 
following bugs:

  R241 KIO


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