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  In D10694#224465 <>, @michaelh wrote:
  > In D10694#224440 <>, @mgallien 
  > > Could you please update your diff and we can land it ? This is a useful 
  > 1. We can't land it yet. baloo searching breaks with this patch. baloo has 
be adapted first.
  I trust you on this one but on some property the taglib extractor is already 
doing multiple adds of the same property. It means Baloo is already storing 
  I can help you but have not much time as usual.
  > 1. I don't know what to update. Please tell me once more what you want me 
to change.
  You can have a look at the taglib extractor. There are multiple examples of 
for loops adding multiple times the same property.
  > For this change concerted actions are needed. Let's discuss general 
questions here:  T8196 <>
  Thanks, this is a good idea.

  R286 KFileMetaData


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