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  In D15829#333799 <>, @safaalfulaij 
  > Since the joining between number and format is translatable, that's great. 
I meant that if it is kept untranslatable, problems regarding RTL will happen.
  Sorry, I don't understand clearly, will this patch (once all issues are 
fixed) solve your problem or not?


> safaalfulaij wrote in kformatprivate.cpp:115
> Line 160:
>   } else {
>       value /= entry->binaryFactor;
>       prefixString = QString(entry->prefixChar).toUpper();
> How this is “Metric”?

The prefixes for the IEC binary prefixes (for e.g. 2^10) are made up by the SI 
prefixes plus an "i", see below. But it actually is an SI prefix, to be more 

> safaalfulaij wrote in kformatprivate.cpp:168
> And what about this? //It should never be a puzzle string by the way.//

Overlooked that one. Must this then be something like tr("1%2%).arg(... ...)?

  R244 KCoreAddons


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