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  In D15739#334513 <>, @romangg wrote:
  > Imo this patch can go in as it is, but before that I would like to see a 
patch to have the disk with the root file system getting specially marked 
(icon, color or text) for the case that several block devices are mounted at 
the same time.
  Yes, that's one of the action items for T8349: Improve Places panel usability 
and presentation <>. Before we can do it, we 
first needed a better disk icon, which we now have thanks to @ndavis (see 
D15853: Change drive-harddisk to more adaptable style 
<>)! If we want to signify root disk status 
via the icon, we still need to figure out what to do about emblems, which 
currently obscure most of the icon for the default 16x16 size. I submitted a 
patch for that, but it's run into controversy: D15866: Reduce emblem size for 
very small icons to prevent obscuring too much of the icon 
  Baby steps...

  R241 KIO


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