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  Okay, I was only referring to the Places section, not the entire panel.
  I do think changing the default label of `Root`'s mounted device would 
prevent the confusion of the one user who wanted it removed from Devices. But 
that was only one of many criticisms of this change.
  I think the most emotional responses consider this change to be 
condescending. Painting `/` as "too dangerous" for the typical user, even 
though Dolphin already has restrictions that make system damage through the 
Dolphin GUI impossible. Removing the quick and easy Places link and relying on 
users to locate `Root` among their mounted physical devices gives the 
impression that we don't `/` to be easily accessible through Dolphin at all, 
even if people can't do anything once they get there.
  I have an additional concern that this level of obfuscation could have the 
unintended effect of making things more confusing for truly novice users, who 
may not realize there is a directory structure beyond `Home` at all. This can 
create many problems when trying to understand what the system is doing, or 
when troubleshooting problems.

  R241 KIO


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