bruns added inline comments.


> poboiko wrote in main.cpp:204
> I'm not sure this check is needed - the other one (`posOfNonNumeric < 0`) 
> seem to be covering this case.
> There shouldn't be an empty `QByteArray`, right?

See `word[0]` access directly after.
I have fixed to many "shouldn't be" errors/crashes due to corrupt DB values in 
the past.

> poboiko wrote in main.cpp:211
> Same note here. The fewer code to maintain - the better :)

This is the exact case I have had - "X<garbage">.
The code after (`word.indexOf('-', 2)`) requires a check for length >= 3 here 
(code correctness), semantics require >= 4.

> poboiko wrote in main.cpp:218
> I think we should `i18n()` those messages as well

I am not really sure:
balooctl -x is a quite low level debug tool. This is a diagnostic message only 
printed in case of DB errors. Translated strings make search on the web harder.

  R293 Baloo


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