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> poboiko wrote in main.cpp:211
> But still, if the term is short (namely, length < 4), we will either won't 
> have "-" (this corresponds to `posOfNonNumeric < 0`, and that's 
> `X<garbage>`), or it will be the last symbol (something like `X1-` - which is 
> `posOfNonNumeric+1 == word.length()`).

but you are not allowed to access `word[2]` if `word.length() < 3`.

> poboiko wrote in main.cpp:218
> On the one hand, you're right. On the other hand, the output should be 
> consistent. Other messages here are translated.

None of the other messages is an error message, but just regular output. Hm, 
maybe `i18n("Internal Error: %1", message)`.

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